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The Cost of HIPAA Compliance for Healthcare Providers

by Bevon Findley (SU)
Let’s start with what happens if you are not compliant: $1.5 million could be just the start of your costs. That is what the civil monetary penalties can be up to for settlements with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for HIPAA breaches.

HIPAA Compliance: Not on These Dentists’ Radar

by Bevon Findley (SU)
Recently I attended a healthcare networking event and met a dental practice management consultant. After exchanging some opening pleasantries, we started an engaging conversation regarding HIPAA compliance for dental practices. With more offices turning to the use of electronic health records and mobile devices, I wanted to hear his thoughts on the state of HIPAA compliance efforts by smaller practices.

HIPAA Security Compliance: What is Your Sanction Policy?

by Bevon Findley (SU)
Sanction policy? It sounds like what one country would do to another country to apply political pressure. Regrettably, that is the terminology the government is using when it comes to this section of HIPAA Security Rule compliance. The sanction policy (CFR 164.308(a)(1)(iii)(C) must be part of the overall security management process.